Hey there!

I’m Marie-Pier, a letterer and graphic designer based in Quebec City, Canada. Creativity is like coffee for my soul and I feel at my best when I’m doing something artistic, mainly when I’m drawing or designing. My style is colorful and bold, but I also get inspiration from vintage design and elegant, modern scripts.

I’ve always loved to draw and to write, so drawing letters is the best way for me to combine both of those passions. I love to incorporate unique letters in designs, like packaging, editorial pieces, or even logos. In my opinion, lettering adds a unique and beautiful touch to a design.

As for graphic design, my journey started a long time ago, when I used to make all sorts of fanmade graphics with free softwares like Photofiltre. Then after trying a few programs at school, I decided to finally study graphic design. I’ve fallen in love with it all over again, and found it very useful for my passion, which is lettering.

When I’m not working (if you consider lettering and designing like work, but I don’t, really), you can find me reading the Harry Potter series for the billionth time, watching a movie on Netflix with the love of my life and our two cats, or learning something new on Skillshare.

I would love to work with you, whether it’s for a particular lettering piece, a branding package or any graphic design work you need. You send me a message via this contact form. You can also send me directly an email at